Item: ALTA+ 264AO

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VANGUARD ALTA+ tripods were created by photographers, for photographers, to meet the most demanding requirements. And all of this accomplished in a sleek and modern design.

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Compact
  • Enables low-angle photography
  • Quick-flip leg locks

Lightweight and compact, its no wonder this ALTA+ tripod, coupled with our innovative PH-31 pan head is a favorite around the world.

The ALTA+ Aluminium Tripod was designed for birdwatchers and photographers, to meet their most demanding requirements in a sleek, modern design. With uncompromising quality and functionality, ALTA+ combines the ultra stability, durability, ease of use and reliability that every bird watcher needs. In addition, its legs adjust to 25°, 50° and 80° angles for ultra-low-angle use.

The PH-31 Two-Way Pan Head is a fluid-like pan head, featuring an adjustable gravity center, arched design, and a double safety lock. All this can be controlled intuitively with one hand, making it easy to locate and follow your subject.