Astrophotography w/ Sean Parker at the SkyCenter Observatory
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Astrophotography w/ Sean Parker at the SkyCenter Observatory

Last month, Vanguard Professional Sean Parker, lead an astrophotography workshop at the University of Arizona’s famous SkyCenter Observatory. And It wasn’t just your average night sky photography workshop. It was much much more!


On top of learning how to photograph the beautiful sky above, students were also given a full on Astronomy Sky Tour as they gazed through the largest public-viewing telescope in the southwest, the 32-inch Schulman Telescope.

After they viewed galaxies, nebulas, planets, and other astronomical objects, they even got to hook up a DSLR camera to a 24-inch to photograph a couple objects.


After a short break, students then grabbed their tripods and learned how to photograph startrails and the milkyway as it rose over the observatory.

outside-schulman-tagIt was quite the workshop!

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