Spare 5

Spare 5

Item: SPARE 5

Delivery: FREE


Order with Vanguard UK

This is a holding code for ordering spare parts which are sold in multiples of £5, rather than maintaining hundreds of codes for all the permutations available.

How it works:

  • Contact Vanguard by phone (01202 651281) or e-mail ( - we believe in ensuring we deliver that human touch
  • Provide details of the part you're looking to replace.  Please nore that we often ask for photos to avoid confusion over part names.
  • Vanguard Consumer Care Team will look to resolve the issue and quote a price where applicable
  • If you're happy with the price quoted, add this "product" to your basket and amend quantities to get to the agreed price
  • Proceed to checkout. 

While to Consumer Care Team will have briefed the order team, we always advise putting a brief description into the order to avoid risk of error.  To do this simply act as though this is a gift order. 

  • When you enter your "Delivery Address" tick "This order is a gift"
  • Under "Recipients Name" put the part ordered
  • Under "Gift Message" add a brief description if relevant, for example the name of the person you spoke to

This isn't the most logical link for which we apologise, but we do not operate the financial transaction which is managed through a specialist third party and therefore have little control of the back end structure.