VEO PH-25 Pan Head

VEO PH-25 Pan Head

Item: PH-25

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The VEO PH-25 2-way pan/tilt head has separate locking knobs for the 360° panning motion and the front-to-back tilting. A pan bar helps to provide smooth pans for video shooting, and a quick release plate is included for easy attaching and detaching of a camera.

  • For VEO travel tripods or monopods
  • Max Load Capacity 3.5kg/7.7lbs
  • Arca Swiss Compatible Quick Shoe

Vanguard PH-25 Pan-Head


The Vanguard PH-25 Pan-Head is specifically designed for travel tripods and monopods. It’s a compact pan-head with a unique folding handle that allows you to all the functionality you could want, but is easy to pack away.

In use, the PH-25 Pan-Head offers a smooth 2-way movement for traditional landscape photography or movies. Portrait photographs are also easy thanks to the Arca Swiss Compatible Quick Shoe. Simply unclip the camera, rotate it by 90°, lift the pan-handle vertical and you’re ready to go, essentially providing all the functionality of 3-way movement.

The handle has a unique folding mechanism that ensures that you have a solid grip in use, but when packing away the handle remains attached (so you can’t lose it) but folds down to ensure it take up minimal space.

Weighing in at just 270g and at less than 10cm tall, the PH-25 can take a creditable 3.5kg load, suitable for all types of Compact System Cameras, Bridge Cameras and smaller DSLR Kits.

The PH-25 uses a standard ¼” thread so attaches to all standard travel tripods with removable heads, or monopods.

Whether for photos, videos or even your spotting scope, this innovative pan-head delivers an alternative to the traditional ball head.


  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Weight: 270g
  • Maximum Load: 3.5kg
  • Maximum Height: 9.4cm
  • Quick Shoe: QS-60S (or QS-61 for larger plate)